Director, Sustainability & Impact Posted Jan 09
Inherent Group , New York, NY (New York)
Inherent Group is hiring an ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) Lead. Inherent invests in public and private companies that are expected to generate superior financial returns alongside positive social and environmental impact. We also provide grants to non-profit organizations that are aligned with our mission of protecting the environment, increasing access to quality education, and improving health and wellness. Inherent was founded by Tony Davis, who is the co-founder and former President of Anchorage Capital.
We believe that commerce is a robust engine of change in society. Inherent Group provides capital, expertise, and relationships to augment the efforts of firms that integrate ESG factors into their core strategies. We believe that these firms will yield greater stakeholder and shareholder returns over time than their peers.
Our strategy:
- Achieve best-in-class risk-adjusted returns through a concentrated portfolio of equity and credit
- Invest in growth businesses whose products and services directly address social and environmental challenges
- Invest across sectors in businesses where we can engage with management to create value and improve ESG practices
- Spot long-term macro trends in impact areas or sectors where social/environmental issues will create disruptions, e.g. water scarcity
- Track and transparently report on our investment and impact results
- Seek out like-minded partners and investors; build community and advocate for causes and policies that will improve society
Role description:
- Work both with portfolio company management and external experts/consultants as required to identify top ESG-related priorities for portfolio companies, develop action plans, and track and report progress internally and externally
- Work closely with our investment team on both private and public market investments to rigorously incorporate the consideration of critical ESG factors into our investment process; help maintain firm’s screens on leading and lagging companies with respect to ESG performance
- Participate in and build coalitions across the private and public sector to advance private sector action on ESG matters, public policy, and public-private partnerships
- Identify financially material ESG practices by sector based on existing investor efforts (e.g. SASB), extensive knowledge and experience with multiple sectors, and proprietary research both to inform sector selection and investment analysis by sector
- Participate in investment decision making
- Report to internal and external stakeholders on the ESG-related performance and impact of our portfolio

We are currently looking for a Director of Sustainability and Impact to join our team with the following qualifications:
- 10+ years’ experience operationalizing financially material ESG practices, of which at least five years in a corporate executive role
- Experience allocating corporate resources to ESG-related projects a must; investment experience a plus
- Extensive network of connections to subject matter experts, policy makers, etc.
- Deep focus on what moves the needle for corporate financial performance and stakeholder impact
- Independent thinking and analysis; detailed
- Commercial with a demonstrated ability to generate own ideas
- Extensive subject matter expertise across multiple ESG-related themes and industry sectors
- Can source and build bridges independently
- Personal commitment to sustainability
- Contributes to office culture; collaborative