Technical Analysis Manager Posted Mar 29
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency , Seattle, WA
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency seeks an innovative leader to guide its Technical Analysis department.

The manager will guide the department to deliver the Agency’s strategic plan to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our region. The Technical Analysis Manager is critical to the implementation of the strategic plan.

The Position

• Guides the Monitoring and the Planning, Analysis, and Forecasting teams, reporting to the Air Quality Programs Division Director.

• Provides consistent feedback to team members, reviewing and critiquing technical products. • Mentors team members according to their individual career goals, and helps the team to maintain and improve its ‘technical edge’ through training and conferences.

• Participates actively in the Agency’s leadership team, develops and maintains relationships across the team, and participates fully in management processes (e.g. annual budgeting, strategic planning). • Guides the Technical Analysis department to continually self assess and improve, and supports Agency-wide initiatives.

• Externally, serves as an Agency resource and representative along with the team on technical and policy issues.

• Builds and maintain relationships and partnerships internally and externally with appropriate counterparts in other agencies, community organizations, and other entities.

• Regularly interacts with the Agency’s Advisory Council and Board of Directors to develop programs and policy for the Board’s consideration.

• Embraces innovation in a changing world to deliver better service to our public and improve public health.

• Champions and models equity principles for staff, leading by example.

• Collaboratively approaches problem-solving, while tackling difficult issues – providing challenging feedback.

• Fully engages in continuous feedback throughout the year, as well as formal processes like peer feedback and annual performance evaluations for employees.

• Edits and occasionally authors technical reports that synthesize complex technical information into coherent policy/strategy options for review and use by a broad-based audience.

• Communicates technical and non-technical information clearly to a variety of internal and external audiences.

• Aligns and integrates project work with the Agency’s strategic plan to attain Agency goals, objectives and long-term vision.


Proven ability to:

• Maintain a high standard of scientific integrity and a grasp of robust and complex technical issues. • Contribute positively to increase cohesiveness within and across teams.

• Mentor, support and hold accountable a diverse team of staff.

• Plan and problem solve in a highly collaborative environment, across a diversity of individuals and views.

• Consistently evaluate and synthesize complex technical information.

• Attract, recruit, and effectively on-board diverse team members.

• Display managerial courage; raise challenging issues with colleagues and external partners.

• Accomplish perennially required tasks while strategically planning for the future.

• Communicate in a clear and persuasive way, both orally and in writing.

• Physically perform essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodation.

• Work successfully and consistently under tight deadlines and high quality standards. Knowledge of/expertise with:

• Technical aspects of air quality or other environmental field: e.g. emission inventories, air quality, transportation, health and exposure studies, or climate models.

• Federal and state air quality issues and policies and regulatory frameworks.

• Data management and display systems/methods and issues. • Leading a diverse staff and principles of personnel management.

• Knowledge of equity principles, the intersection of environmental and social justice, and how they apply to under-served communities in our jurisdiction.

• Demonstrated proficiency in more than one language is desirable.

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